• Reading the manual

    I’ve been using this tool for years, how didn’t I know about this?!

  • Cache invalidation in HTTP

    Cache invalidation is the first hard problem in computer science. In this post I discuss some ways handle it in the context of HTTP.

  • Quick tip: Better watch window in Visual Studio

    At work I often find myself staring at numbers in Visual Studio’s Watch window. Attempting to compare the sizes of ten digit floating point numbers is error prone in the default variable-width font. The fifteen minutes I spent staring myself blind at a piece of code before realizing that 511111111 is in fact greater than 7682777 was the last straw.

  • Switch encoded tries

    There are many ways to spend ones free time. I like solving crossword puzzles, and recently I’ve been playing around with Bison and Flex for generating parsers. The former lead me to think of dictionaries and tries, and the latter to interesting applications of code generation. In this article I explain where my weekend went, and describe a wonderful Frankensteinian mix of C switch statements and tries.

  • How to study for finals

    I was lousy at studying in high school. I generally had good marks and thus never learned how to do it. When I arrived at university however, I quickly realised a structured approach was required to get through the courses. In this article I outline the method I’ve developed when studying for course finals. The goal is to effectively practice where it is most needed and avoid wasting time on what is already known.

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